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Penny Austin

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03/09/16 02:21 PM #1    

Thomas Dapice

The distance from ridge to valley, our house to the Austin's place, was about a mile on the asphalt.  On foot it was less if I genially trespassed on the Hoffman (Anne) and Pollock (Liz) properties.  Despite proximity, Penny and I were not close friends, though once I was invited to a party at her house.  That is all I remember now from high school.  The memory that is important to share happened after graduation - much later.  I had left home for college and first work afterward in western Maryland before returning to New Canaan to work for my father in his business. It was during that period that she and I corresponded and reconnected.  I visited her in eastern Massachusetts where she had set up housekeeping.  She had become a weaver and a fabric artist.  Her loom took up what was the living room.  She was gracious and charming.  It was after that visit that I began to regret how I had busied myself in high school without knowing many of the classmates that have since become such exceptional people.

03/10/16 12:10 PM #2    

Nancy Drinkwater (Padjen)

I agree with your comment Tom.  I too wished I had branched out to other classmates during the time we spent in high school.



03/12/16 08:39 AM #3    

Maggy Wolf (Gilbert)

I was so self absorbed and shy that I too didn't reach out to our classmates - but isn't that all very age appropriate?  Which is why I'm so looking forward to this reunion.  To meet and get to know so many of my classmates who I wish I'd had to courage to talk to.  Getting older has so many benefits though I wouldn't want to trade any of "these" days for any of "those" days.  Well, maybe, just maybe I'd like to experience just a few of "those" days again.  grin

I rode the bus with Penny and Melinda Bloom and I did get to know Melinda briefly one summer in Jr High when we became friends and would visit the horses on the corner of Benedict and Valley Rds.  

03/15/16 11:52 AM #4    

Mark Williams

I knew Penny well.  We were a couple for a while in senior year.  We shared an interest in art and painted the cliffs together in Newport, RI.  She was a lovely person and was quite talented.  I still have a portrait she did of me so many years ago.  I was with her when she listened to the last tape her brother sent home from Vietnam.  He was a fighter pilot who was listed as missing in action, though there were witnesses who saw his plane go down with no one ejecting.  It was a tough night.  I did not know she left this earth until I read the In Memory listings.  It saddened me greatly.  My daughter’s name, Elizabeth, was derived from Penny’s middle name.    We lost touch after high school, regretfully, as well as the chance to reconnect.

07/30/16 07:04 PM #5    

Lauren Holt

It was several years ago that I heard of Penny's death. I had bought some Christmas glassware on e-bay, and since the seller was from Ridgefield, CT we opted to do an in person exchange. I came to find out that the seller was Penny's older sister and the glassware was some that the family had had while she and Penny were teenagers. While I was greatly saddened by Penny's passing ,hearing about her life from her sister made it really a personal experience. She was treasured by her family, respected as a fiber artist, and had been a real "fighter" during her illness. I left there with the feeling that I had just been given a gift greater than that which I thought I was buying. Her sister was happy that the glasses were going to a "friendly" person, but I realized that it meant that I will have Penny with me every Christmas, living on in my home.

08/01/16 10:16 AM #6    

Maggy Wolf (Gilbert)

That's beautiful, Lauren, thanks.

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