In Memory

Maury Dyke

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04/06/16 01:57 PM #1    

Lauren Holt

If there was ever a contagious smile ( and laugh) it was Maury's. Her giggle was priceless. She had lovely clothes ( I was envious) and absolutely beautiful eyes. Joan Ballots was always happy to have her in gym class too, because she was pretty athletic and wasn't ever a slacker. It was pretty encouraging to the rest of us to see her prowess, and while not many of us were as good at things, we all tried a little harder.  She was a lot of fun to have in classes, and she generally was able to create laughter unobtrusively enough to get away with the joke. (Another enviable quality!!) I remember her so well at Saxe, but was not with her in any classes Freshman year. She was in private school after that, and while her sisters and brother made intermittent appearances back at NCHS, Maury never left the prep school environment.  I am sure she was happy there and probably did well, or we might have been lucky enough to have had her back to laugh with us for a while. I can still see the twinkle in her eyes as she laughed at something, her unique inner beauty shining through.

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